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I am excited to share with you my passion in the traditional artform of Mehndi!  Henna art is a beautiful addition with (or alternative to) your existing party. Ideal  for any occasion and suitable for all ages above 5 years.  

Traditionally henna was reserved for women at ceremonial occasions dating back thousands of years and is traceable back through many cultures including christianity.  However, henna parties are becoming increasingly popular as a fun and beautiful way of adding something decorative to areas such as feet, ankles, hands, arms, etc, lasting for a few weeks before fading naturally .  So why not host a ladies night in and enjoy some mehndi art. 

All of my henna is completely 100% organic, sourceable and selected from the best seasonal crops and only natural ingredients are added to enhance the staining.  Ingredients and oils can also be custom blended for health conditions such as pregnancy.

When henna paste is removed the stain will be orange in colour, it will then oxidise over the course of the next two days developing into the desired chestnut brown tones.   Full aftercare information will provided to ensure the best results of your tattoo. 

WARNING I do not use black henna.  Black henna does not exist!! Is not a natural product but is a man-made concoction of poisonous additives and chemicals that are added to henna and are extremely harmful and can cause blistering and long term skin damage.  Unfortunately, recently black henna has appeared in the paper showing terrible pictures of children's damaged skin without detailing the differences between the two.  Sadly, it has given "all" henna a bad name.  Black "inked" henna mustn't be confused with natural henna.  If you are going on holiday and are thinking of having a henna tattoo then ensure you know that it is "natural" henna which should be greeny/brown when wet.


Note:  I have a separate Facebook page for my henna art to keep things up to date and relevant for all of my lovely customers - please visit my Hannahs Henna UK facebook page for more pictures and .......why not give me a like whilst you are there...... 


If you were satisfied with our services we would be ever so grateful for some feedback.  NetMums is a fantastic way to tell everybody about us.  For any extra reviews you could provide we would be extremely grateful. x

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Please see the availability page regarding spring and summer dates.

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