Most party bookings tend to be for 2 hours.  It's the average length to get the kids entertained, painted, etc fed, party bag and business card in and hand and out of the door (and a big sigh of relief for the parents, well once the sweeping up has been done!).  

However, I also take bookings for 1 hour (local only) or three hours or longer and also work with other professionals in case you wish to have two people doing different (or the same) services at the same party or event. Birthday children receive a balloon model with their party and we will endeavour to make something that fits in with the theme.  Once your booking has been made, I will send you an email  confirmation along with our terms and conditions and a deposit invoice to secure the booking.  

To assist you in what type of party you would like, I have a couple of options as follows:-


OPTION 1:  Face (or arm) painting for up to a class size party.  We endeavour to paint all the children but there is usually a few who do not wish to have anything.  Most designs for a large party need to be quicker.

OPTION 2:  (a) Face painting and glitter tattoos for up to 25 children.  Children can choose from either a face paint or a glitter tattoo but the birthday child receives both.  (b) Face painting and glitter tattoos for 15 children and they can choose both.  

OPTION 3:  Half face painting and half balloon modelling for up to 15 children (flexible on number but designs need to be quick if a larger party).

OPTION 4:  Princess Parties for up to 15 children.  All children receive a princess wand, a sparkly gem cluster (which can be reused or stuck onto a precious keepsake such as a diary after use), and a glitter tattoo or child friendly nail polish

OPTION 5:  Face painting, balloon modelling (at the party) and glitter tattoos for a small number of children or multiple artists.

OPTION 6:  Face painting,or glitter designs and natural henna tattoos.

Please note; that due to insurance purposes (and I do value my insurance) children under the age of 3 cannot receive paint on their face or a glitter tattoo or a henna tattoo.  We can paint something small on their arm instead. Children under the age of 3 also cannot receive a balloon model due to the fact that it poses a choking risk.



What products are used?  Not all FDA and EU approved products are the same even if they state they are safe.  I have seen many products over the years and in my experience I know that cheap and certain products are to be avoided. Some commercially available and lower cost brands are oily and contain bleached chalk, lanolin and parabens.  My main products used are labelled as pure as they do not contain such ingredients and also dry matt.  Being a member of FACE means that I have researched further into product care and will only use high end quality makeups and adhesives for peace of mind.  Also, having allergies in my family, I know that it is not worth taking risks with the posibility of a reaction.

Please also take a look at my page on important information regarding hygiene etc under important stuff!